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Google's 'Knowledge Base' adds ticket feature for music fans

Google announced 'Knowledge Base' in 2013, allowing the search engine to understand different queries and show the information at the top of the results, without having to click onto a website.

The newest feature to be integrated onto Search are concert tickets, allowing users to one-click buy tickets from authorized ticket sellers like Ticketmaster.

Even though Ticketmaster is one of a few verified sellers, Google wants to make all ticket sellers featured on the top search result. Developers will be able to integrate by implementing some simple code, to make the website readable to search engine crawlers.

When users search for 'Ariana Grande tickets' it should show upcoming dates for tours, alongside a one-click buy option for tickets. Users will need to have a Google Wallet or PayPal payment option ready.

Google has said it will further integrate this feature to include comedians and other live acts, but needs to make sure the correct ticket sellers work with the feature before adding new categories.

It is another move by Google to rule the search experience, removing the need to shop around for tickets. Some website owners have complained Google's new interest in search results hurts websites' search ranking.

Google recently updated search to show song lyrics at the top of the results, removing the need to browse sites like Genius, Metro and AZLyrics. This may drop traffic rates for those lyric finding websites, especially since Google has hired its own team to add the song lyrics, rather than integrating with available sites.

Since the search engine enjoys 75 per cent of the search market share in the U.S. and 85 per cent in Europe, Google is able to exert authority without developers lashing out and potentially removing its site from Google's search results.

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