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MWC rumour: Will HTC launch its first wearable device?

According to several news outlets in Taiwan, HTC might be planning to launch its first wearable at Mobile World Congress (MWC) on 1 March.

Even though CEO Peter Chou has confirmed a wearable is coming, there were rumors late in 2014 that the company had backed away from the wearable trend, not convinced by the first crop of devices.

The new reports claim that HTC is back on track to make the wearable and may launch it alongside the new M9 smartphone, which could come running Windows 10 and Android Lollipop.

A recent partnership with Under Armour also points to some sort of fitness and sporty design. It also could mean that HTC will be investing in a fitness band, rather than an Android Wear smartwatch like some of its competitors.

MWC would be as good a place as any to show the integration between a fitness band and new smartphone, especially if the company has added a new app for the smartphone to track health and fitness.

Several companies are unveiling new smartwatches for 2015 to compete with the Apple Watch. Samsung's own wearable range for 2015 should come sometime soon, alongside a new LG G Watch running Android Wear.

If HTC does not try to compete in 2015, it might lose its chance to be a noticeable brand in the wearable space. It has already failed to make a name for itself on tablets, leading to meagre Nexus 10 sales.

The M9 is codenamed 'Hima' and HTC has been internally testing the device for months. It will reportedly feature two screen sizes, a Qualcomm 810 processor, 3GB of RAM and a QHD display, although we would take those specs with a pinch of salt.