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iPad Pro will come with a stylus accessory?

We’ve been hearing plenty of rumours about Apple’s supposed larger iPad tablet, the iPad Pro, hitting the shelves this year, and the latest bit of speculation claims that Cupertino is planning to produce a stylus for use with the device.

This snippet of info comes courtesy of analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (spotted by SlashGear), who made the assertion based on his research into Apple’s plans, and the fact that the company has filed a number of patents for a stylus device.

He believes that Apple won’t bundle the stylus with the tablet, but rather make it an optional extra, as there are certainly some folks who wouldn't need one – and it would push up the price of the tablet to include it in the box.

Ming-Chi Kuo also reckons while a basic stylus might be offered with the initial launch of the iPad Pro, in the future Apple will roll out a more sophisticated gadget – perhaps like the one which we reported on at the end of last year.

That particular “communicating stylus” patent showed a pen which allows the user to write anywhere, on any surface (possibly including thin air), with that writing being transmitted wirelessly to the tablet. This device could be used for all sorts of purposes, such as when writing notes in the classroom or lecture hall, students could have a digital version of those notes automatically transposed to their smartphone.

Without doubt, a stylus would be a productivity boon for the iPad Pro, which is aimed at the business arena and will boast a 12in (or perhaps closer to 13in) screen that’s much more suitable for working on documents, spreadsheets and so forth.