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Meet Kuratas, the giant robot tank on sale for one million dollars

If you have one million dollars lying around, and have some 'friends' that need scaring to death, you might as well do it with style.

Why spend the money on a house, a car, or a long vacation when you could buy a four metre tall fighter robot on Amazon?

The fully functional robot is called Kuratas and was created by a Japanese blacksmith Kogoro Kurata. It's four metres tall, weighs five tons, but can't walk. Instead it has four wheels and can be driven at speeds of up to 10 km/h.

The "best" thing about Kuratas is that it can be armed with multiple weapons, but those are being sold separately. On sale are either 6,000 round per minute twin BB Gatling cannons, or a "LOHAS" launcher which fires either water bottles or fireworks.

Kuratas can also be armed with the "iron crow", a hand capable of picking up objects. The weapons are designed to fire when the user smiles. Scary, I know.

Kuratas can be used as an exoskeleton, or an Iron Man suit, where the user enters the machine and controls it from the inside. Or it can be controlled using an iPhone, or any other device with a 3G network.

"It seemed unlikely that anyone would develop giant robots however long I waited. And so I thought, I might as well make one myself - that's how it started," Kurata said in an interview with Zoomin.TV.

The suit can be bought on Amazon Japan for £659,000, but is advertised as a kit, meaning whoever buys it, will also have to assemble it.