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O2 now offering a range of tariffs for Google’s Nexus 9 tablet

From today, you can purchase Google’s Nexus 9 tablet from O2 on a wide variety of tariffs.

You can bag yourself the 32GB version on PAYG at £460 – note that this is the 4G LTE version of the tablet, of course, so that’s the same price as on the Play Store (well, technically it’s a quid more, but we’ll let them off).

If you’re after the cheapest tariff without forking out a load of money up-front for the device itself, then O2 has a plan at £25 per month (with a £40 up-front fee) offering 500MB of 4G data per month.

Or you can step up to £32 per month (with £30 up-front) for a much heftier allowance of 3GB.

If you’d prefer to pay absolutely nothing up-front, then the cheapest plan is £29 per month, which gets you 1GB of data.

And if you want a massive data allowance, then you can pick up the Nexus 9 for £39 or £44 per month, for 5GB or 8GB of data respectively (with no up-front charge).

The 9in tablet is available on O2 Refresh, which lets O2 subscribers upgrade early from their existing device, and only pay off the outstanding balance on the hardware – so they can ignore the remaining data plan payments.