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OnePlus One smartphone can be ordered by everyone tomorrow

The OnePlus One phone has made quite some waves since its launch, with the handset offering a very tempting spec given its asking price.

And of course, there was an interesting element of exclusivity (and supply chain management) in the fact that you couldn’t buy one of the phones without an invitation to do so.

That said, the company has opened up orders to everyone for very short windows of time, and OnePlus is going to open up sales for a short period once again as 2015 gets underway.

On the official website, the company has announced that it’s “new year, new gear”, and customers will be able to order the OnePlus One without any invite on 20 January – tomorrow. In Europe, you’ll be able to head here between 19:00 and 21:00 GMT, and bag your handset (it’ll be the same time for Americans, those on EST that is).

The OnePlus marketing strategy has certainly been a novel one, and the company has said that it has used an advertising budget of just $300 (£200) for some Facebook ads, with word of mouth and the invitation system being used to “spread the word organically”, as co-founder Carl Pei put it.

The company was hoping to hit a million units shifted last year, with sales apparently accelerating towards the end of 2014.