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Rapere is a drone that fights drones

If you can't beat them, join them, goes the old saying, and it looks like it's being implemented yet again. After someone actually trained birds to assault drones, now it’s time to start fighting fire with fire.

A California-based company created Rapere, a drone that intercepts and takes out other drones by dropping nets on their propellers and tangling them.

The Rapere drone’s operation is a very simple one. You spot the drone you wish to take out, press the intercept button which makes Rapere hover over the target and entangle it.

The target drone is then grounded, while Rapere gets to land safely.

Rapere can tell the difference between a bird and a drone, and will fly over top of any drone within range, then disable it.

It was created by a group with many years of experience in the unmanned aircraft systems industry, and was made with protection of privacy in mind.

It’s inevitable that a lot of foul play will happen with drones, and celebrities are on the top of the list of people whose privacy can be violated, claims the Rapere website. "There should be an option to thwart it", it says.

The drone is currently in talks about mass production, meaning it’s not yet available for purchase. When it does, it won’t be cheap, as its makers don’t want the machine “to become a toy people can use to disrupt legitimate drone use”.

The price is not yet known, however we can be sure it will be cheaper than training a falcon to strike the drone.

It definitely won’t be as cool, though.