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Whitepaper: Get the facts about SDN

An expert’s perspective on realizing the potential of software defined networking - HP Experts such as Yanick Pouffary take a closer look at an emerging, transformational network architecture.
Of all the obstacles standing in the way of building a better IT infrastructure, misinformation may be the most daunting. To help you separate the facts from the hype, the experts from HP Technology Consulting have created this informative eBook. It’s designed to provide the immediate insights you need to make the right decisions about some of the most important IT issues your enterprise will ever face.

What is software defined networking?
Software defined networking (SDN) is an emerging transformational network architecture. SDN separates the logic that controls the behavior of the network and traffic differently than traditional networking. SDN architecture gives network administrators significantly more flexibility in how network resources are provisioned and how network traffic is managed.

In traditional networking equipment, rules for forwarding (or data plane) and high-level logic that controls network behavior (or control plane) occur on the same device. SDN decouples the data plane from the control plane. The network intelligence and state are logically centralized and the underlying network infrastructure is abstracted.
This allows business logic to be directly and dynamically applied by providing the ability to control the behavior of an entire network as one rather than at each element, one by one. Network administrators can also manage network traffic and provision resources without having to manually configure physical switches.

To keep reading, download the whitepaper below.