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Whitepaper: Prepare for software-defined networking

Who should read this paper?
Read this paper if you are a CTO, CIO, IT manager, or network architect interested in making your enterprise network more agile and adaptable to changing business needs. This paper describes the benefits of software-defined networking (SDN) enabled by OpenFlow technology.
SDN, enabled by OpenFlow, holds the promise of breaking the logjam in network agility by eliminating legacy human middleware and paving the way for innovation.

Executive summary
Many enterprises are unable to achieve business innovation because of aging networking environments. Enterprise network design and architectures have remained largely unchanged for more than a decade. While applications and systems have evolved to meet the demands of a world where real-time communications, rich-media, and mobility are the norm, the underlying network infrastructure has not kept pace.
A new paradigm in networking is emerging. SDN represents an evolution of networking that holds the promise of eliminating legacy human middleware and paves the way for business innovation. With SDN, IT can orchestrate network services and automate control of the network according to high-level policies, rather than low-level network device configurations. By eliminating manual device-by-device configuration, IT resources can be optimised to lower costs and increase competitiveness.

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