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Here's how you can watch the Microsoft Windows 10 event live

Microsoft will be showcasing its latest consumer preview of the forthcoming Windows 10 operating system on Wednesday, 21 January, so here’s when and what you need to do to watch the event.

It all kicks off at 9am Pacific Standard time, which equates to 5pm local time in London (GMT).

The event will be streamed live here and you can download a calendar reminder on this link.

You can also follow our live blog to get all the updates as the event unfolds.

Microsoft’s new Windows 10 is the next instalment in the Windows operating system series, following Windows 8 which featured a significant change in design and received decidedly mixed reviews.

Unlike Windows 8, which required a lot of getting used to (with the new tiles design and the lack of the Start menu), Windows 10 is a more seamless experience, so say those who got their hands on the early version of the OS.

There are three major things everyone expects from the new Windows 10 operating system: The new Internet Explorer 12, notifications, and Cortana, the personal assistant and Microsoft’s take on Apple’s Siri.

The current 9879 build of Windows 10 features the Insider Hub app, which has "exclusive updates and missions" where you can "try out new features" and send Microsoft your feedback, writes

You need to open the Hub "at least once" to get notifications from the app with ‘important news and announcements’ - just search for ‘Insider Hub’ in Windows 10 search and you can pin it to your Start screen for easy access.