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Lizard Squad member claims responsibility for Australian insurance attack

A Lizard Squad hacker has claimed responsibility for an attack on Aussie Travel Cover, stealing close to 900,000 client records, including names, addresses and phone numbers.

Going under the @abdilo_ alias on Twitter, the anonymous user confirmed the attack in a tweet "Biggest leak of Australian private information, 770k+ rows", linking a .rar file showing the client records.

Aussie Travel Cover noticed the hack on December 16th but did not update customers or policyholders. Australian police have been working to try and bring the attacker in, but so far he has escaped custody.

Suspected to be from Queensland, Australia, the hacker uses unconventional methods (SQL injection) to attain and hack, rather than the classic Lizard Squad DDoS tool. Brian Krebs, a security experts working with authorities on Lizard Squad, claimed abdilo_ was part of the hacking collective.

abdilo_ even claimed to have hacked authorities with the same SQL injection, publicly taunting authority online. It is not clear what part the hacker had in the Lizard Squad Christmas attacks, taking down the PlayStation Network (PSN) and Xbox Live.

Even though the hacker appears to be getting off scot-free from media and the public, Aussie Travel Cover is getting burned for not confirmed an attacker had successfully stolen information on almost one million customers.

Most security experts believe it is best to announce an attack has taken place early on, and then start working on fixes and other security implementations. This way, customers are able to recover and remove data before the hacker uploads or sells it.

Interestingly, most of the Lizard Squad hackers seem to be based in Europe, with two already arrested from the UK and one under investigation by the FBI in Finland. This would be the first Australian connected to Lizard Squad, possibly showing the group's global contacts.