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Report puts a number on the global economic impact of Facebook – and it’s huge

Facebook is generating a whole lot of economic activity across the world, according to the latest study on the social network conducted by Deloitte.

The “global economic impact of Facebook” study was commissioned by the social network to establish what sort of economic impact Zuckerberg’s creation had across the globe in 2014.

As Deloitte put it: “We analysed the contribution Facebook supports as a catalyst for economic activity in ecosystems composed of marketers, app developers, and providers of connectivity.”

And in total, the estimation came out at no less than $227 billion (£150 billion) worth of economic impact worldwide, not to mention 4.5 million jobs over the course of 2014 – that’s purely in terms of third-party companies, developers and so forth working in the Facebook ecosystem.

Which country took home the biggest benefit from that couple of hundred billion? That was the US, unsurprisingly, which secured almost half of that at $100 billion (£66 billion).

Deloitte also observed high rates of engagement in Central and South America, with $21 billion (£14 billion) worth of economic impact benefiting these regions. And in the EMEA region, the app economy has apparently spurred some $13 billion (£8.5 billion) worth of economic activity.

And that same figure – $13 billion (£8.5 billion) – is also the amount generated by the internet uptake and the buying of devices driven by Facebook in the APAC region.