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Samsung Galaxy S6 set to debut Edge version with a twist?

A variation of the next incarnation of Samsung’s flagship phone will feature edge technology, as seen on the Galaxy Note Edge, according to the mobile grapevine (something which has been rumoured before).

This alleged version of the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be a double-edged handset, though – whereas the original Note Edge (pictured above) had a display which curved around the right-hand side of the edge of the phone, the S6 will supposedly curve around both sides.

The idea of the edged display is that it enables further screen real-estate where alerts can pop up, or frequently used apps can be stored, for quick access without intruding on the main UI.

Having two edges will of course mean more extra space for such shortcuts and notifications, and it will also let left-handed users better experience the facility (as Trusted Reviews reports, some critics found the right-sided edge trickier to use if they were left-handed). Apparently on this S6 variant, the edge will light up to easily show incoming calls and notifications.

Samsung also boasts that the edge display looks slick with its “borderless aesthetics”, and it certainly looks different to your average smartphone. We’ve not used the Galaxy Note Edge, but we’d definitely buy the edge idea over, say, the curved screen innovation that the LG G Flex introduced. Although that’s not saying much, to be honest…

Much like the Note Edge was available in a limited quantity, if the S6 does have a double-edged version, Samsung will likely produce that in restricted numbers, too.

Recent rumours point to the Galaxy S6 expanding up to a 5.5in display with a 2560 x 1440 resolution, with a 64-bit Exynos octa-core 7420 CPU driving those pixels along with 3GB of RAM.

Samsung needs to pull something out of the bag, though, given that Galaxy S5 sales were disappointing (very soon after the handset’s launch, it was failing to outsell the half-a-year-old iPhone 5S and 5C).