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What’s most exciting about Microsoft's Windows 10 reveal?

Tomorrow is the day Microsoft is likely to first show off the initial Consumer Preview of its upcoming Windows 10 operating system – or at least talk in-depth about the consumer features.

So, what are we most excited about when it comes to what Windows 10 brings to the table?

For one thing, we’re very interested to see how exactly Microsoft intends to push the “one OS to rule all devices” angle it has been selling. Windows 10 will run across devices, apparently with software that can run on, and scale the UI, from computers through tablets down to smartphones.

This is a developer’s dream, of course, but exactly how Microsoft can make this a reality is still uncertain.

Continuum is another biggie we’re looking forward to seeing – a feature which will intelligently switch the interface to work best with either a keyboard or touchscreen, depending on what’s being used at the time. On hybrids like the Surface, which can be either a tablet or PC, this promises to be a massive step forward.

We’re also hopeful we might see Cortana at work in a desktop environment. Exactly what benefits can the digital assistant (currently on Windows Phone handsets) bring to those working with a computer? If Microsoft shows off Cortana in Windows 10, it will have to build the desktop case for her, and we’re intrigued as to what that might be. On mobile, the benefits of a virtual assistant are clear (hands-free), but less so with a PC.

Perhaps most of all, we’re interested to see whether Microsoft can persuade those folks still on Windows 7 (or earlier) that Windows 10 is very different to its predecessor, and that they should finally make the upgrade leap.

When we’ve finally seen the consumer version of the OS in action, post-event feedback across the internet should give us a pretty good idea of whether Windows 10 looks set to recover the ground Windows 8 lost – or whether Microsoft will continue to flounder. Although the latter is really not an option for the software giant; that’s how crucial Windows 10 is.