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Whitepaper: Data Centre and Campus Ethernet Switch Vendor Leadership - North American Enterprise Survey

We just finished our annual survey of IT decision makers to examine their attitudes toward Ethernet switch vendors, including vendor perceptions, vendor strengths/weaknesses, and future deployment plans. Among the key findings from our report:
• Respondents have healthy expansion plans for their networks and along with them their equipment expenditures.
• Organisations usually upgrade their networking equipment every 5 years and, for the most part, replace it proactively because it has reached life expectancy or because requirements have changed—usually a need for higher performance and better security.
• Cisco is the most widely deployed Ethernet switch vendor by far, installed in the majority of campus and data centre networks. Cisco scores high on all buying criteria, but respondents would prefer to pay less.
• HP makes a strong 2nd place showing in enterprises intending to evaluate the company for inclusion in their networks. HP’s strong suits are their service and support, technology innovation, and value proposition.
• Juniper is the top specialist and continues to make good progress. Today, Juniper still lags behind the SMB vendors and IT giants but rises to 4th on the list of vendors under evaluation.

To keep reading, download the whitepaper below.