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BBC rolls out new app with major overhaul

The BBC's News app has gotten a revamp, with the goal of offering a more "personalised" experience when surfing for news.

In addition to already existing sections like Top Stories, UK and Politics, users will now be able to add special feeds of their own choice, whether it's a specific company, product or person.

The news comes as a part of a bigger BBC redesign, which will include the news website as well.

The app will roll out for Android and iOS devices in the UK next week, while those with Amazon powered devices will have to be patient for the next three weeks. An app for Windows powered phones is not planned, BBC reports.

One expert warned the update was likely to upset some users, but the executive responsible said the switchover would provide a better service, BBC writes.

"We know we have got a very large number of people who used the existing app and they really like it," said Robin Pembrooke, general manager of news products at BBC Future Media.

"But we also know that a number of users express frustration at things they can't do - there's no local news, it's not the full range of stories, and there's little ability to personalise.

"It will be a big change for a number of people, so we are trying to provide a warning up front. We've got easy guides on how to use the new app, and there's in-app tips to help people use it."