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Samsung Orbis smartwatch will boast wireless charging

Samsung is set to unveil a smartwatch with a round face in the vein of the Moto 360 at this year’s MWC.

Mobile World Congress, which takes place in early March, will see the company reveal the smartwatch that’s codenamed Orbis, one of the major features of which – aside from its aesthetics, which are built along more traditional watch lines – will be wireless charging. The latter is always a major boon, and presumably the watch will come with some sort of pad to facilitate the tech.

As Sam Mobile notes, the tech site which was given this information by sources, with any luck this will be a hell of a lot more convenient than the Gear smartwatches’ charging cradles. Just being able to discard your watch onto a pad on your bedside table at night to charge it will certainly be a welcome development.

The Orbis is also expected to have a rotating bezel ring, and a “digital crown” power button (the latter being something the Apple Watch boasts). Of these, it seems the bezel ring will be the primary control method for certain UI functions, like for instance zooming in and out, which should be quite intuitive using a ring.

Orbis will be revealed alongside the Samsung Galaxy S6 at MWC, and as we reported earlier this week, the latter may come with a variant boasting a display like the Galaxy Note Edge, except with both edges of the display curving around the side of the handset and offering extra screen real-estate for various shortcuts and notifications. The phone could even feature a 3840 x 2150 resolution, though we’d take that with a pinch of salt (and frankly, how sharp a resolution do you need on a 5in screen?).