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Sky turns Broadband Shield pornography filter on by default

Sky has announced that it will turn on its Broadband Shield, which is designed to protect younger family members and block adult content online, for all customers by default.

The system is currently available, but you have to choose to use it, whereas going forward, Sky has decided that it will automatically be turned on – you’ll now have to make the choice to opt out, rather than in.

Sky’s Lyssa McGowan, Brand Director of Communications Products, said that Sky will be emailing customers who haven’t chosen to activate or disable the system starting this month, giving them the chance to make a decision on the matter. If they ignore the mail, it will automatically be turned on – though the shield can be turned off at any time.

Sky Broadband Shield protects against malware and phishing sites, and has a watershed feature with adjustable times and age ratings (PG, 13, 18, or custom), to prevent kids from seeing things they shouldn’t online.

McGowan wrote: “Sky’s approach helps make it as easy as possible for customers to protect their households. We are encouraging them to use the flexibility within Sky Broadband Shield in order to make the right choice for their personal circumstances. And Sky Broadband Shield doesn’t give us access to what you do online so your privacy will be protected.”