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Whitepaper: The Berliner Volksbank increases its network flexibility

“The HP Network solutions completely satisfy our needs in terms of stability, performance, latency and other technical parameters in our heterogeneous network. The price is reasonable and we also now have new functionalities such as Power over Ethernet.” – Jörg Bauske, head of business organisation and IT, Berliner Volksbank

A modern network with an innovative payment model
The Berliner Volksbank has recently completed a large project to renew its entire network infrastructure. The bank chose HP Networking equipment for its WAN and LAN solutions. Payment is calculated by the number of ports used.

Challenge: A future-proof, flexible network infrastructure
The Berliner Volksbank has been investing in new technology and improving its business processes to help meet its customers’ needs faster, more effectively and with fewer complications. This also includes changes in the branch network: some finance and branch centers are being merged or closed depending on their location, and self-service sites are being expanded. The Berliner Volksbank currently operates 120 branches and 110 self-service sites.
The technological framework supporting their operations is their network, which consists of two backbones: in Berlin, this is based on a fiber optic cable network. Outside of the city, the bank operates a second backbone; some sites in Brandenburg are connected via DSL. “Regardless of where a location is, we have to be able to use the network to ensure that all of the necessary IT services are performing well so that our employees can work efficiently and our customers can access our services, including ATMs,” explains Jörg Bauske, head of business organisation and IT at the Berliner Volksbank.
This includes the Voice over IP (VoIP) infrastructure that the bank has been using since 2000, which allows employees to use facilities such as internal telephone conferencing and “decreases the complexity of the connections at the site,” according to Bauske. Its early decision to use VoIP makes the Berliner Volksbank a pioneer of this technology in Germany.

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