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BlackBerry CEO claims apps should be "platform agnostic"

BlackBerry's CEO Jon Chen has given his thoughts on net neutrality, claiming it isn't enough to only have neutrality on broadband providers, even app developers should be considered a utility.

Having app developers as a utility may force them to work on all platforms, regardless of size, activity and coding language. This is a new part of the debate, and something only Chen seems to pushing.

Of course, having a "platform agnostic" future would be perfect for BlackBerry, struggling to get any app developers excited in its one per cent mobile adoption rate worldwide, lower than Windows Phone.

Chen referenced Netflix as an app that could use a BlackBerry port, but the media streaming company has given no indication of a BB10 launch date. Other providers have been equally silent when it comes to BlackBerry, especially with the new Android porting options opening the floodgates.

Snapchat is another big service that has no intention of coming to BlackBerry or Windows Phone, content that iOS and Android will be enough for the provider. The two platforms do control over 92 per cent of the mobile world.

Applications should not be seen in the same way as broadband by any stretch and competing mobile providers shouldn't all get same slices of the cake. iOS is still the most lucrative market, so naturally it will garner the most attention from big app developers—Android is a close second.

Unless BlackBerry can show app developers reasons for choosing BB10, it is in a similar situation to any platform that lacks outsider support. Neither BlackBerry nor the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) can change that, especially since some app developers only know how to code in one or two languages.