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Daily deal: Viewsonic Pro8400 4,000 lumen DLP projector £849.99

Did you guys see the reveals from Microsoft's Windows 10 press conference? But we're not here to talk about that at any rate, we've got some deals for you! Today we've got the Viewsonic Pro8400 DLP projector reduced from £1,099 to £849.99.

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Buying a projector is an event full of mystery, "what is a lumen?", "are these features I need?", "how do I know that it'll be any good?" Have no fear dear reader, I'll guide you through the features of the Viewsonic Pro8400 projector.

The projector has a 4,000 lumen bulb and a high contrast ratio of 3,000:1, what this means is that the bulb in the projector can shine bright enough that even in areas that have a high amount of ambient light the picture will still be clear. Think of the lumen count and contrast ratio in the same way as when you look at your phone on a sunny day, the brighter the image and the clearer the picture.

The Viewsonic Pro8400 is a DLP projector, "DLP" stands for digital light processing. DLP is the alternative to LCD (liquid crystal display), although there are numerous debates as to which is best the most prominent feature of a DLP projector is its portability and reliability which are both due to fewer parts in a DLP projector.

The projector is capable of displaying full HD images and video, but I'm sure you understand what that means already. The Viewsonic Pro8400 also has a nifty network display feature that allows the projector to broadcast from four PCs simultaneously by dividing the projected image into four.

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