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Is an HTC fitness band coming our way?

Previous rumors suggested HTC was creating a smartwatch, but all evidence seems to point to a fitness band instead, working with the M9 smartphone.

Industry sources have confirmed to Forbes that HTC is indeed working on a fitness band, capable of tracking different types of health and fitness and offering all of the information on a companion Android service.

The fitness band links to HTC's recent partnership with Under Armour, a company that specialises in fitness, health and sports equipment and accessories. The Taiwanese giant may use Under Armour's expertise in this market to create a great product.

Creating a fitness band removes the need for HTC to partner on the Android Wear program, something that may seem daunting and a risk considering the past failures from Sony, LG and Samsung last year.

It will also allow HTC to sell the device for fitness and health fanatics, a large market currently dominated by FitBit and Jawbone. If HTC can crack the design and price point, it might win over hundreds of thousands of customers.

The fitness band should utilise some of the same features available on other bands, including heart rate monitoring, pedometer, calorie counter, GPS, sleep tracker and more. HTC could even add an LCD display to offer notifications, pairing with the smartphone to receive updates.

HTC will launch the fitness band at Mobile World Congress (MWC) on March 1st, alongside the launch of the HTC Hima (M9), the company's new flagship smartphone.

A leaked post on the M9 showed new camera developers centered on removing the UltraPixel and fitting a 13 or 21MP rear camera. HTC might also look towards a 5-inch display, rather than the 4.7-inch it has been pushing out the last two years.