Source claims LG G4 won’t be revealed at MWC

It seems that the LG G4 won’t be making its debut appearance at MWC when the show rolls around at the beginning of March.

There was some buzz that perhaps the successor to the very well-liked LG G3 (pictured above) would be flaunted at Mobile World Congress, but Korean site Chosun reports (via G for Games) that this won’t be happening.

Their source claims that he heard directly from an LG executive (who wasn’t named) that LG isn’t planning on launching the G4 smartphone any earlier than the G3 debuted last year – which was in May.

So we should see it pop up in May, with any luck – though there’s no guarantee of that date, even, as LG is apparently spending time to perfect the device. That sounds like a good idea to us, and we’re certainly prepared to wait to see a better quality product emerge. The LG G3 was liked by a number of folks for a number of reasons, including its display, good camera performance, and a raft of smart features. It would be a shame to falter with the follow-up.

Rumour has it that a Snapdragon 810 will be powering the G4, and let’s hope the extra time spent hasn’t been dealing with overheating issues, which reportedly was the reason Samsung abandoned the Qualcomm chip for the Galaxy S6.

An almost invisible bezel is being promised, along with a Quad HD display, and a 16 megapixel camera which will hopefully produce even more polished results than the G3’s snapper.