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Microsoft launches Surface Hub, basically a massive TV

Microsoft announced a lot of new features and products at its Windows 10 event yesterday, including the Surface Hub.

Utilising the Perceptive Pixel team Microsoft acquired in 2012, the company announced an 84-inch 4K display, capable of taking input from a tablet or PC and showing it on the television screen.

Surface Hub is made for collaboration, allowing one or more people to annotate on the screen, present Office documents and even get involved in company Skype conversations.

Microsoft is pushing Windows 10 into the enterprise. At the event, vice president of operating systems Terry Myerson kept saying how secure and powerful the platform was for businesses.

Having a way to collaborate and utilise all of the Windows devices could be a smart idea and Surface Hub even supports the iPad, meaning the company doesn't need to overhaul its products to use Windows 10.

Surface Hub could also be used in educational facilities, allowing the teacher to annotate on different topics, and allow students to present their work to a class on the display. It would also open up more collaboration between students on projects.

Apart from showing off the device, Microsoft didn't reveal anything about release date or price. The 4K display alone probably costs £2,000, but adding the Kinect sensors to utilise the touch-interface increases the cost even more.

Even though the Surface Hub looks fun, it is not the first time Microsoft has tried large displays, and hardly any of them have worked.

Perceptive Pixel managed to pick up a few clients like CNN and Fox News to kit out their news studios, but other than that not many businesses have bought into the idea.

But I'm sure Microsoft knows that.