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Private cyber security school prepares for London launch

A private education institution in the UK wants to help improve cyber security by offering a cyber, intelligence and security school.

The Global Institute of Cyber, Intelligence & Security (GICIS) will offer short courses on topics such as cyber resilience, military, counter-terrorism, policing, financial crime and security.

With recent hack attacks against the websites of the American government, Sony Pictures Entertainment and others, many companies and individuals fear for their online data.

GICIS academic director Martin Wright said the organisation has been founded to prepare people working in the cyber security field for the challenges posed by current risks, writes

"The cyber school aims to provide a better understanding of issues and solutions surrounding the nature of crime, cyber insecurity and terrorism," he said.

“At a time when international cyber security is being continuously tested, we are eager to launch our expert training school in order to up-skill and train people in the industry.”

HP Enterprise chief information security officer Andrea Simmons said that security is everyone’s responsibility and that organisations can't shy away from the matter.

"Organisations need to get involved with information security and put governance processes around it to ensure that it gets done."

Cyber security has been very high on the government agenda for both the UK and the US in recent times.

The UK government will introduce new measures help UK businesses face the cyber security challenges, while the US president Barack Obama, in his State of the Union speech, recently promised new measures to increase cyber security in the USA.