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Quaid Media launches Burst TV to drive mobile app downloads

Quaid Media has launched the first TV advertising platform specifically designed to drive mobile app installations.

Burst TV is an all-in-one service that utilises a focused burst of marketing lasting between one and three days to push apps up the download charts.

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All aspects of the advertising campaign are developed in-house and can be directed at individual countries or a worldwide release. Ads can also be targeted at a particular consumer group by selecting the channel and time that best reaches the app’s primary demographic.

Josh Rinsky, vice president of Business Development at Quaid Media, believes that more developers should look outside of in-app adverts in order to create effective marketing campaigns.

“With the cost of mobile advertising rocketing as the developers with the deepest pockets bid against each other for installs, TV offers a really cost-effective medium that’s shown time and again how effective it is at reaching and engaging consumers, and we expect to see many more developers turning to TV to expand their marketing campaigns,” he said.

Despite the dramatic increase in the number of screens vying for our attention, from mobiles, to PCs and now wearables, the TV has remained a constant presence for many consumers. As such, the medium has the potential to grow an app’s brand exponentially, particularly now that TV advertising has become more affordable. Moreover, research indicates that 81 per cent of people use their smartphone while watching TV, meaning an effective campaign can still directly lead to a download.

Furthermore, TV advertising is increasingly being viewed as a viable marketing route for mobile applications, with a number of high-profile games such as Clash of Clans, Farm Heroes Saga and Candy Crush Saga all using the medium. Last year, App Annie revealed that TV ads were having a noticeably positive impact on app downloads across a number of titles.

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Quaid Media’s Burst TV is available now for app developers and publishers looking for a potential alternative to in-app advertising.