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RideOn enters the ski goggles market with totally hands-free headset

RideOn will try to spoil the plans for the likes of Recon and Oakley with its own pair of augmented reality goggles.

The AR ski goggles from the Israeli start-up RideOn went live on crowdfunding site IndieGoGo on Tuesday, and they have until 19 February to raise $75,000 (£50,000).

The company claims it has the edge over its rivals due to the virtual reality aspect's positioning in the wearer's field of vision.

“What distinguishes RideOn is our delivery of a true AR experience, derived from a see­through display that projects data onto the centre of your field of view, not on the side,” explained Alon Getz, CEO and co-­founder, Wareable reports.

“We wanted to find our locations on a ski resort map instantly, or to quickly contact each other when we’d get separated. We wanted to do these things without having to take our gloves off, or use our phones."

Unlike other AR ski goggles on the market, these don’t require an app, or even the wearer’s hands – it says on the promotional IndieGoGo page.

“No external devices, phone apps, or voice activation. To use, simply look at icons fixed to the sky, your friends, or points of interest. This way, your hands stay gloved and warm, and your cellphones and maps stay securely in your pockets (actually you won’t ever need a map).”

Pre-orders are priced at $499 (£330) with the full retail price expected to be $899 (£590). There is "super limited supply" at present, and the estimated delivery is September 2015.