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More Samsung Galaxy S6 rumours surface

So you want to know the specs of the Samsung Galaxy S6? Of course you do – who doesn’t – and fortunately, the rumour mill has furnished us with a set of tech specs which could just be on the money.

That depends on how reliable BGR’s sources are, mind you, as that’s the tech site which has brought us the purported spec list in this instance.

Apparently the screen will be a 5.1in Super AMOLED (not the 5.5in we’ve previously heard rumoured – but then, that was rather straying into phablet territory), and it will have a Quad HD resolution for an eye-watering 577 ppi pixel density. Outdoor visibility is promised to be excellent, too.

That multitude of pixels will be driven by a 64-bit eight-core CPU – Samsung is rumoured to be using its own Exynos processors for the Galaxy S6, having dropped the Snapdragon allegedly due to overheating issues. The phone will be 50 per cent faster than the Galaxy S5, no less.

A 20 megapixel camera with image stabilisation is promised, with a 5 megapixel front-facer. Wireless charging will be integrated, with a quick charge mode, and the handset’s body will be metal and glass (using Gorilla Glass 4 for the display).

If all this is true, that’s quite a phone coming our way, and it could turn the S5’s dip in sales around.

We’ve also heard rumours that a variant of the Galaxy S6 could feature a display like the Galaxy Note Edge, except with both edges of the display curving around the side of the handset to give the user even more space to stash app icons and receive notifications.