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The Windows 10 conference in seven minutes

Microsoft's Windows 10 press conference took place last night, where the Seattle-based company showed off some of the features of its new flagship operating system.

After Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, which were a hit and miss product for many, Microsoft will try to rise again with this next installment that has already gotten solid reviews.

There is a lot at stake for Microsoft with the new OS. The digital world has much changed since Windows XP, one of its greatest products.

Everything is more connected now, the world is much more mobile, extremely social and travelling at super high speeds.

And with the persistent failing of Windows Phone on the mobile market, Windows 10 simply has to be big.

And Microsoft has already announced big moves, such as that all Windows 7, 8.1 and Windows Phone users will get the next installment for free.

Several key features of Windows 10 were demonstrated at yesterdays event. One area of significant focus was Cortana, Microsoft's take on Apple's Siri, which will now be available on all devices, including laptops.

There was also the announcement of several new "universal apps," including Office, Outlook and Photos, which will be synched and available across any Windows 10 device.

Microsoft also found time to talk about gaming, in the form of Xbox One and Windows 10 integration, as well as unveiling the insanely cool HoloLens, a brand new virtual reality headset.

Check out the video above for the highlights of yesterday's event.