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Apple Watch battery details spilled – Cupertino could miss longevity target?

We’ve heard about the Apple Watch and its battery life a number of times now – it’s the issue which has purportedly been holding the device up, as Cupertino works to improve the longevity – and some more info has emerged on this subject.

According to 9 to 5 Mac, folks with the inside scoop on the development of the smartwatch have said that Apple is using a relatively powerful CPU (the S1 chip, said to be close to the power of the A5 processor) and a quality display, both of which aren’t light on their power usage – hence there’s been something of a battle for longevity.

The same sources say that Apple wants the watch to give the average user a full day’s worth of battery with mainly passive usage, and some active usage (actually running apps, in other words). In this mixed usage case, Cupertino hopes the watch will last 19 hours.

For standard app usage, Apple’s battery target level is set at three and a half hours of solid usage, and that dips to two and a half hours with constant heavy app usage. That seems a pretty short window indeed on the face of it, but of course, the idea of the smartwatch isn’t that you’ll be spending lengthy periods of time glued to the display.

Perhaps the more worrying news is that while 19 hours is the respectable target for mixed usage, Apple might not achieve that with the first version of the Apple Watch according to these sources.

We’ll find out soon enough, given that the device is expected to be on sale in two months’ time.

We recently heard quite a bit on the topic of the features of the smartwatch, which for example will allow users to respond to messages via a recorded audio reply, or by having spoken words transcribed into text. Read more about the Apple Watch’s capabilities here.