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Looking for a new boyfriend/girlfriend? There's an app for that

A new service has been created, called Invisible Girlfriend and Invisible Boyfriend, with the sole purpose of convincing others that the user is in a relationship.

The app was created to help people without partners, who are finding themselves under pressure from society, to convince tenacious friends and family that they really do have a girlfriend or a boyfriend.

Its St. Louis-based creators say it will help people live their life under their own conditions.

“"The service creates a safe place for you to practice texting with a real human if you're out of practice," the site states. "Sometimes it even inspires just enough jealousy to jolt that special person into committing."

The app is currently in a beta version, and users can download two versions depending on their desired sex, and enjoy the benefits of the app for £17 ($25) a month.

Users get to choose the looks of their “partner”, a story about how they met, and the monthly subscription offers 100 text messages, 10 voicemails and a postcard from the fake partner, all of which are actually sent b real people through a company called CrowdSource.

"Around Thanksgiving, my mom called me and asked if she could set an extra place for someone I'm bringing," said Matt Howmann, co-founder of Invisible Girlfriend and Invisible Boyfriend.

"In that moment I realised how great it would be to have an answer for her that didn't require me to actually be dating someone."

The service is currently only available for residents of the United States and Canada, though there are plans to expand internationally.