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Sony asks to delay earning report, blames November hack attack

Sony is seeking to delay the release of its full earnings report, blaming the effects of the recent cyber attack on Sony Pictures.

The firm cited the disruption of accounting systems as the reason for the delay, after hackers - allegedly from North Korea - targeted Sony Pictures in protest of Seth Rogen's latest film 'The Interview.'

This left Sony unable to produce a full third-quarter report by the 16 February deadline, leaving the company with no option but to ask permission for the deadline to be puched back until the 31 March.

Sony has confirmed that it still plans to update investors and the media in other areas, such as smartphones and TV's, whilst it completes the report for Sony Pictures.

Earlier this month, chief executive officer Kazuo Hirai said that he believes the studio will emerge stronger after the cyber-attack, which resulted in leaked confidential information, as well as an initial cancellation of 'The Interview.'

The film, in which Seth Rogan and James Franco are tasked with assassinating North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, has since been released and quickly became Sony's most downloaded film of all time.

The FBI has blamed North Korea for the attack, suggesting the country "intended to inflict significant harm on a US business."