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Twitter tells users not to share Instagram links, use native photo tools instead

Twitter has requested that some of its high-profile users stop posting links to rival social network Instagram.

According to Mashable, the micro-blogging site has asked a number of individuals to use Twitter’s own photo sharing tools instead.

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Instagram images previously appeared within tweets, but in 2012 the Facebook-owned service removed this functionality. Now pictures simply appear as a link, meaning users have to use the Instagram website or app to view them.

Twitter argues that by embedding images within tweets, users will receive better engagement, but many will view the move as an attempt to slow the growth of its competitor. Last month, Instagram announced that it has more than 300 million monthly active users, making it more popular than Twitter.

Twitter and other social networks are increasingly offering native content as a way of preventing users from drifting to other platforms. However, despite offering photo editing services, many celebrities have continued to share Instagram links in their tweets.

Since its purchase by Facebook in 2012 for approximately $1 billion in cash and stock, Instagram has continued to grow. At the time of the takeover the photo sharing site had just 30 million account holders.

While Twitter’s photo client struggles to gain widespread adoption, Facebook has experienced success with its native video platform. In November last year, Facebook Video uploads actually surpassed the number of shared YouTube videos for the first time.

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In other Twitter news, the social network recently introduced a new “while you were away” feature that recaps of some of the best and most prominent tweets shared on the platform since you last logged in.