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How to remove your embarrassing photos from social media

Sharing photos and videos online has never been easier.

Internet access is available practically anywhere and everywhere, and interconnected wearable and portable devices with photo and video recording options are omnipresent.

In such a world, getting the wrong material posted online can become a huge problem, especially for teenagers unaware of the consequences.

So how big of a problem is it?

In a recent study conducted by Northwestern University, 29 per cent of surveyed Facebook users reported losing face from embarrassing content posted online.

And teenagers have been victimized by others, posting unflattering pictures online without their consent. Some even go to the extent of posting “revenge porn” – posting explicit images and videos of people without their consent.

One in ten former partners have threatened to post such materials online, and according to a McAfee study, 60 per cent of those threats have been carried out.

Images posted online are very hard, maybe even impossible, to remove. Embarrassing photos can lead to humiliation, dismissal from work, and loss of self-esteem, among other things.

How to remove your embarrassing photos from social media


There are six different options when it comes to removing photos from Facebook.

1. Once the image is opened, press 'Options' and then either 'Report Photo' or 'Remove Tag.'

2. Ask the friend who uploaded the photo to remove it.

3. Send an e-mail to asking for the photo to be removed.

4. File a complaint using the Facebook Intellectual Property Infringement Form.

5. Post in the Help community to receive advice from other users and Facebook staff.

6. File a complaint using the Facebook Terms Violation Reporting Form.


To remove images from Instagram, take one of these three options:

1. To de-tag, select 'Hide from my profile.'

2. Click on 'More options' and choose 'Remove me from photo.'

3. Report the photo as inappropriate


To remove photos from Twitter, visit, select the relevant option and send the report.

For more information on the subject, have a look at the infographic created by WhoIsHostingThis?