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MOTi prepares to launch the ultimate fitness wearable

Taipei-based company J-Mex will launch the MOTi - its first wearable device focused on fitness - on IndieGoGo next week.

MOTi will feature a host of fitness services, including 25 activities and workouts.

J-Mex claims all funding from IndieGoGo will be invested in user experience and community goals for the wearable, claiming it already has manufacturing under control.

Unlike most wrist worn-wearables, MOTi can be worn on the wrist, bicep, thigh or ankle. The wearable does not have any screen on the device, meaning a companion application will be needed to check fitness stats.

The device features an aluminium unibody design, alongside an LED edge that lights up. Attached is a sweat-proof and water-resistant band, using a similar material to a wetsuit to be comfortable during fitness activities.

J-Mex is aiming the wearable at “hardcore fitness enthusiasts”, instead of the growing casual market other providers like Samsung, FitBit and LG are catering towards.

Even if it is aimed at fitness enthusiasts, it does not mean casual fans cannot get involved, but unlike other wearables the sole purpose of MOTi to provide analysis and statistics on fitness.

The software side of MOTi is interesting and J-Mex is committed to adding more open community features for users. Fitness trainers are able to tap into the MOTi Coach platform and offer personalised workouts to fit the user.

There is also a MOTivator service for users to compete with one another during exercise sessions.

J-Mex is asking for $45,000 (£30,000) in funding with a start price of $79 (£50) for the early bird edition of the MOTi.

The Taiwanese company claims shipping is "guaranteed" by July, due to production already being fulfilled by an unknown supplier.

The MOTi wearable will be available in four colours: McLaren Flash, A Grape Affair, Victoria's Secret Hot and Shades of Grey.