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How to remove your voice data from Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is always listening to voices and utilises these voices, phrases and commands to make the product more reliable in the long term, storing the voice data in Amazon servers.

This is not an abnormal thing to do. Apple saves Siri data for two years and other voice recognition and virtual assistant services like Google Now and Cortana hold user data for quite a long time, to review and utilise patterns and dictation.

However, if it feels wrong to have all of the voice data stored, there are ways to remove this data from Amazon servers.

Amazon offers two ways to go about removing voice data, the first is individually, in case you said something rude or private that you don't want Amazon Echo to store, to remove individual records:

Amazon Echo app > Settings > History > Tap Individual Recording > Delete.

If you are planning on selling the Amazon Echo or don't trust Amazon to keep the voice data safe, there is a way to delete every single recording ever made on Amazon Echo:

Go to > Your Devices > Amazon Echo > Delete.

The goal of Amazon Echo is to offer a virtual assistant available in the house, instead of on a mobile device.

This makes it more of a family tool than a personal assistant, and can understand and listen to multiple voices.

Amazon has not released any figures on how well Echo has sold over the first few months, but it wouldn't be surprising if Amazon had trouble flogging the $199 (£132) voice recognition device.