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Resilience becomes key for businesses as data reliance grows

Increased reliance on systems and data means that downtime and loss of information is a greater problem than ever before.

Disaster recovery specialist Vision Solutions has launched the latest version of its annual State of Resilience report which highlights the trends and challenges for business and IT leaders.

The report combines information from five industry-wide surveys of more than 3,000 IT professionals. Among the findings are that nearly 75 per cent of respondents have not calculated the hourly cost of downtime for their business.

For those who did experience a storage failure, nearly 50 per cent lost data in the process due to insufficient disaster recovery methods or practices.

Almost two-thirds of those surveyed said they had delayed an important data migration for fear of downtime or lack of resources. Hosted private cloud is still the most prevalent cloud environment at 57 per cent usage, with hybrid cloud adoption at only 32 per cent with room to grow.

Despite the growing popularity of the cloud, nearly two thirds stated they didn't have high availability or disaster recovery protection in place for their data once it's stored in the cloud.

"In order to address the many challenges presented by exploding data growth, businesses must invest in better data protection," says Vision Solutions' vice president of sales engineering Henry Martinez.

"Importantly, these solutions must be agile enough to minimize system disruptions, support emerging technologies and provide the flexibility to operate in any combination of physical, virtual and cloud platforms and storage environments.

"This is a critical foundation for IT resilience and business success in the future".

Image Credit: Oleksiy Mark / Shutterstock