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Apple sells more iPhones in China for first time

Apple might be a U.S. based smartphone maker, but its largest iPhone market in 2014 is China.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus scored big in the Chinese region, following the increased availability on China Mobile, the main state telecom provider in the region.

In the fourth quarter, 36 per cent of iPhone shipments went to China, while only 24 per cent went over to U.S. Europe and Asia also saw large growth in iPhone adoption over 2014, thanks to the larger screen options.

In one year, Apple has went from 5 per cent of the Chinese market to 18 per cent, and 63 per cent of all those sales were made in the last three months of the year.

Apple's CEO Tim Cook has been visiting China frequently to meet with regulators, Foxconn and other officials, to make sure business runs smoothly in the country.

There are a few issues Cook had to fix when entering, like the Chinese government's demand for more customer information. China also reportedly hacked Apple's iCloud system, although Chinese officials deny the attacks.

Even though the iPhone seems to be a brand winner in China, Xiaomi is still holding more ground in the region. The Chinese phone maker sold 60 million smartphones in 2014, most of them in Mainland China.

Apple's push for 25 new stores within the next 10 years looks like the ultimate battle against Xiaomi, but until the iPhone can match Xiaomi's price point it will not win over customers in quite the same way.