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GOQii fitness band launches US beta, promising personal coaching

The GOQii (pronounced “go-key”) fitness band and app has seen the launch of a new beta program over in the States which will begin next month (and perhaps will make its way over to the UK in the future).

The beta will be limited to 500 people, and they will get a year of tailored health coaching via the GOQii system, at the price of $99 (£66).

For that money, you get the fitness band itself (with a touchscreen OLED display), and the app which tracks your activity, sleep, and also nutritional data, offering what the company claims is personalised mentoring. Each individual user gets one-on-one advice to help shift their health and fitness habits up a gear in the long-term, and to better themselves not just physically, but in terms of the “body, mind and soul”.

The system lets you pick your own coach who best fits your goals, and also uses a gamification element, so when you achieve daily goals, donations are made to worthy causes.

Vishal Gondal, GOQii Founder and CEO, commented: “GOQii’s philosophy is driven by our passion for healthy and meaningful living. After using a number of wearables, I felt that something was missing. They lacked sustained engagement, motivation, customised advice and a human connection. I was looking for the complete solution for a more fulfilling way of life. With GOQii we have created that solution.”