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Despite CEO's protests, interest in BlackBerry is at an all time low

On the outside, BlackBerry's new CEO Jon Chen might seem confident in his new approach for business first customers and bringing back the Classic for fans, but don't be mistaken: interest in BlackBerry is at all time low.

More specifically, nobody cares about BlackBerry's mobile platform, despite Chen pleading for net neutrality to come to the app development market.

In a new study by Elance-oDesk, an online marketplace where businesses find freelancers, found demand for BlackBerry app developers has plummeted to a new low with 97 per cent fewer jobs posted compared to iOS developers.

Revenue from these BlackBerry jobs is also quite low compared to iOS and Android, showing the complete lack of money even when someone wants a port or BlackBerry exclusive application.

The lack of interest stems from BlackBerry holding less than 1 per cent of the mobile market. Even Windows Phone has managed just shy of 3 per cent, making it worthwhile for app developers popular in the same regions as Windows Phone.

Another surprising statistic shows 66 per cent more interest in iOS developers than Android, alongside iPad and iPhone users downloading an average of 6.2 apps a month to Android's pitfall 4.1.

iOS still takes the cake when it comes to revenue, even though Android is not far behind. The other two will continue to drop further down into darkness.