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Lizard Squad hacks Malaysia Airlines website, claims to have stolen user data

The Lizard Squad has apparently struck again, and this time the victim is Malaysia Airlines.

The main website of Malaysia Airlines was hacked earlier this morning, with the airline noting that its DNS was compromised and visitors redirected to the hackers’ site which featured the by now familiar picture of a lizard with a monocle, pipe and top hat, and the headline “404: Plane not Found” (a reference, of course, to the infamous missing flight from last year).

A message on the site also read: “Hacked by LIZARD SQUAD – OFFICIAL CYBER CALIPHATE”.

However, the Malaysia Airlines is back to normal as of the time of writing this piece.

When the attack was discovered, Malaysian Airlines claimed it wasn’t hacked in a statement on Facebook spotted by the Independent, and that the incident was a “temporary glitch”, with no customer data (or flight bookings) being affected.

Lizard Squad tells a different story on its Twitter account, though, stating: “We would like to point out that @MAS is lying about user data not being compromised.”

It also previously noted: “Going to dump some loot found on servers soon.”

So if the hacktivist group isn’t idly boasting, we may see a data spillage from Malaysian Airlines later today.

Late last week, a Lizard Squad member also claimed responsibility for an attack on Aussie Travel Cover, with the loot in that case amounting to 900,000 customer records.