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Microsoft's new browser could be called Entourage

Everyone expected it, the media reported on it, and last week it was confirmed – Microsoft is developing an all new internet browser to accompany the new operating system due this fall.

Microsoft has been developing a new, leaner web browser for its next-gen OS for quite some time now, and some early versions have already been seen.

But the browser, currently named 'Project Spartan', needs an official name.

Windows Central has reported on an online survey conducted by a company acting on Microsoft's behalf. In the survey, people were shown a list of names and asked which one would fit a program for "Writing on webpages", described as "A built-in digital assistant".

Even though it never mentioned 'Project Spartan', it did state the fact that it is a browser from Microsoft launching later this year.

Potential names are: Edge, Elixa, Endeavor, Entourage, Evex and Evo.

As Windows Central reports, Microsoft is considering pairing each of the suggested names with their brands, Microsoft, IE, or Internet Explorer, meaning a full name of the new browser could easily be Microsoft Edge, or Internet Explorer Evo.

The interesting thing about all the proposed names is that they start with the letter 'e'.

Some fans of the platform have become pretty attached to the Spartan name already - so much so, in fact, that they'd quite like it to stay, Neowin reports.

Referencing Microsoft's decision to keep the Cortana codename as the public brand for its digital assistant, a User Voice page was set up some time ago, calling upon the company to keep the Spartan name for the final product.