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New report reveals number of global internet users, and UK’s broadband speed ranking

If you’ve ever wondered how many internet users there are across the globe, then you’ll be interested to learn that new research from We Are Social has pinned a number on that amount.

And, according to the Digital, Social and Mobile in 2015 report, that number is 3.01 billion internet users as of this month – that’s around 42 per cent of the population of the Earth.

The report produced stats for over 240 countries, and came up with a number of interesting nuggets as you can imagine.

When it came to active social media accounts, they totalled 2.08 billion, so two-thirds of the internet-using population have a social network account.

As for the numbers of unique mobile users across the world, that figure was 3.65 billion, with 1.69 billion having an active mobile social media account (in other words, the vast majority of social media users access their account via a mobile device these days).

We Are Social reckons that based on this data and observed trends, mobiles will help to push internet penetration beyond the 50 per cent mark of the global population by mid-to-late 2016.

The report also looked at internet connection speeds, finding that as of January 2015, South Korea still holds the fastest average speed, with a country-wide average of 25.3Mbps. That’s well ahead of the second and third placed Hong Kong and Japan, on 16.3Mbps and 15Mbps respectively.

The UK didn’t do badly though, finding itself in sixth place with 10.7Mbps, just behind the US on 11.5Mbps.

Image Credit: We Are Social