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Xbox app coming to Windows 10 this month

Microsoft is making a revived push into the PC market with its Xbox app, but instead of creating an awful online system like 'Games for Windows Live', Microsoft is focusing on simply extending video games from the PC onto the Xbox One.

In order to get 'insiders' comfortable with Xbox on Windows 10, Microsoft will beta-launch the app this month and will open user feedback on the service alongside bug crash reports.

It will be part of the January Technical Preview Build, focused on launching even more Windows 10 features for insiders to check out. Microsoft has 1.5 million insiders signed-up to test the new operating system.

“In 2015, the Xbox team will be working hard to deliver a first-class gaming experience on Windows 10, just as we have on consoles,” said Microsoft in a statement.

“As with Xbox One, we want you, our fans, to help shape the Xbox on Windows product and experiences. Our plans are to ship regular Xbox app releases that deliver new functionality by making changes based on your feedback.”

Microsoft is focused on making Xbox One a cross-compatible device, allowing users to stream PC games onto the console. It will even work on mouse and keyboard controls, alongside support for high-resolution monitors.

It is unclear how PC games will all work on the Xbox One. One would assume streaming technology might allow the brunt of the game to be loaded on the PC, with the Xbox One acting as a Chromecast of sorts for gaming.

This isn't the only thing Microsoft is doing for gaming in 2015. The release of DirectX 12 should be a huge milestone in terms of graphical APIs and gaming performance.