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Ben Medlock co-founder of Swiftkey shares his startup success secrets

Dr Ben Medlock co-founded Swiftkey in 2008 alongside Jon Reynolds after the dissatisfaction that they shared for the tap typing method that smartphones incorporated, so they built something better. Swiftkey is now one of the most downloaded apps in the world, and Ben is no stranger to sharing the secrets to Swiftkey's success.

Last year Ben told us the single most important piece of advice for attracting smart people to come and work for your startup. He also lets us in on the secrets of holding a good interview, and how you can recruit staff that will be a good cultural fit for your new organisation.

Ben also lets us in on why self-direction was one of the driving forces behind SwiftKey, and how to implement it in your business. He helped us understand why lowering constraints can allow people to relax at work when they need to, and how developing the right balance in the work atmosphere can encourage collaborative working.

He also shared with us how to get your pitch right, and the single problem that most often holds back potential business successes. And then unsatisfied with the business advice overload he proceeded to tell us how to be luckier!

Finally in a defiant gush of yet more startup knowledge he shared with us how to take your million-pound idea and turn it into a million pound app.

Ben Medlock is speaking this week at Startup Grind London, you can get tickets here. ITProPortal readers get a discount if you use the voucher code "FRIENDS" at checkout.