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Oculus announces Story Studio, in-house virtual reality filmmakers

Oculus is confident its virtual reality platform will not offer only games, despite hard pushing this concept in the opening year of the Oculus Rift.

After the acquisition of Oculus by Facebook for £1.32 billion, the virtual reality startup has been more open to different types of media on the platform.

To help the film efforts, Oculus has created an in-house film studio named Story Studio, headed up by some ex-Pixar executives and directors.

Story Studio will work on six films this year, including "Lost", which the studio showed off at Sundance Film Festival earlier this week. The virtual reality aspect allows the viewer to "find the perfect seat" and watch the action.

Non-interactive media has always removed the viewer from the world, but in the virtual reality set-up, viewers may be able to actually interact with the outskirts of the film.

The enhancements in 3D, surround sound and depth could be a major deal breaker for avid film fans, who want to get even more involved in the story.

Oculus is still working on some of the technicalities with virtual reality in film, but already has a cinema app set up to watch these films in high quality.

The Oculus Crescent Bay prototype features a higher quality screen, better performance and new depth of field, but Oculus claims the next version will be much better.

There is still no allotted time frame for the launch of the commercial edition Oculus, but with the search for 60 new employees at Oculus for early 2015, it looks like Facebook wants everyone on the ball for a launch date in the second half of the year.