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Samsung files patent for chameleon sunglasses

Samsung has filed a patent for a pair of smart sunglasses which can morph their appearance at the touch of a smartphone screen.

The problem with smart wearables initially was that they might have been seen as clever and packing some nifty features by some, but early hardware tended to look chunky and geeky – and then aesthetics quickly came to the fore with smartwatches for one thing (and now we have the slicker looking likes of the Moto 360 and upcoming Apple Watch).

This concentration on the look and design is also evident with this Samsung patent for smart sunglasses, and indeed changing the appearance of the specs is the only functionality of the device (as it stands).

The patent (spotted by Phandroid) describes the glasses as having a transparent display over the entire frame and lens – and this display can be altered to change how the sunglasses look via a smartphone app.

So not only can you change the lens tint for brighter (or dimmer) conditions, but you can change the colour of the glasses frame or its patterning (to match your shirt, perhaps).

It’s a clever little idea – providing that the transformation and display still leaves the glasses looking convincingly like, well, a real pair of sunglasses. Of course, this is just a patent right now, and these things are filed pretty speculatively, so who knows if Samsung’s chameleon glasses will ever become a reality.