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Snapchat going promotional with new Discover feature

Once again, a major company has recognised a new revenue channel in the form of advertising.

Even though Snapchat has so far been used solely as a medium for photo and message sharing, today it opens its door to another feature.

The newest update from Snapchat, simply named ‘Discover’, will make its debut today and enable publishers such as Comedy Central, CNN, National Geographic, and Vice to reach over 100 million users with significant amounts of engaging content.

With Snapchat being a platform predominantly used by teenagers and young adults who regularly log in to post their content, this seems to be a perfect opportunity for additional promotion.

Which seems reasonable, as last year’s survey showed that Snapchat had the fourth-biggest audience in the social media category (aged 14 to 17).

Of course, the Discover feature has a strong resemblance to the previously created Our Story feature, which enables users to see highlights of major sporting and entertainment events.

What is different in this case, is that the content is still predominantly created by Snapchat users, so this probably won’t make a significant difference to the actual users.

Snapchat’s Discover feature will bring regular income to both Snapchat and the partners promoting.

The income generated from selling ads with new media content will be split in two, says the New York Post.

Once again, clever media partnerships have managed to make harness the potential earning power of these kinds of apps thanks to the millions of teenagers who use them regularly.

What is left to be seen is just how much Snapchat users are going to be interested in this new commercial media content.