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The wearable wristband that could save your life

When we think of wearable gadgets our minds are usually drawn to fun but largely unnecessary devices, not a potentially life-saving piece of tech.

However, Acticheck’s Assure smart wristband claims to be the world’s first continuously monitoring personal alarm system, and will intervene if the wearer encounters an emergency.

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Assure monitors the user’s biometric measurements including heart rate, temperature and movement to check their wellbeing. When one of these measurements indicates something is wrong, the wristband alerts the wearer’s emergency contacts via a connected smartphone.

The device checks the wearer every 15 minutes, but if Assure sounds the alarm erroneously, the wearer is able to dismiss the emergency alert. Wearers can also manually sound the alarm if they get into trouble with the push of a button, and because the device monitors your GPS location, contacts can be easily notified of your location.

Acticheck's Assure wristband is also waterproof and comes with a two-year battery life, which is pretty important considering the need to constantly recharge the device would render it pretty useless.

The wearer’s details can also be checked any time via a secure web dashboard, which can be viewed by the Assure owner or an approved administrator.

While the band is unlikely to be for everyone, particularly if you are looking for the kind of everyday functionality promised by the upcoming Apple Watch, but it could ultimately end up saving the wearer’s life. In particular, Assure could find a market amongst the elderly or anyone who undergoes a lot of outdoor activity on their own.

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Assure has so far raised just over £1,000 worth of its £25,000 target and has until the 26 February to reach its goal. Anyone wishing to get their hands on the wristband can do so for a special early bird price of £100 over at the firm's Kickstarter page and should expect units to start shipping in July.