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Whitepaper: Integrating and governing big data

The new era of computing requires trusted information

With the dawn of a new era of computing and the growth of big data, information integration and governance is more important than ever before. Trusted information is the foundation for analytics and business intelligence—without it, decisions will not be made and insight will not be acted upon.

Three unique characteristics of the new era of computing make information integration and governance especially relevant in today’s business world:

Information from everywhere: Information is exploding, both in volume and variety. The amount of digital data is set to grow to 44 times its current volume by 2020. And by 2015, nearly 80 percent of data—including transaction data, social data, content and machine data—will be uncertain, meaning many aspects about it may be uncertain, such as its origin, quality, source and accuracy. Exponential growth in the number of data sources will continue to make gathering trusted information a challenge. The role of information integration and governance is to mask that complexity and make it as easy to govern a complex architecture as it is to govern a single database.

Radical flexibility: The real question facing organisations is whether their governance is agile enough to meet rising business expectations. Business users will proceed with new applications, new data marts and reports as they see fit—working around enterprise rules, creating more complexity and increasing ungoverned information. Agile information integration and governance capabilities can quickly adapt to users’ changing business needs over time to help ensure that information remains trusted.

Extreme scalability: The growth of data demands extreme scalability for all applications—especially those that address information integration and governance. As data volumes grow, more data passes through the integration hub at the heart of your infrastructure. With extremely scalable information integration and governance technologies capable of high performance, businesses can continue to meet the rising demand for trusted data.

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